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Dr. Himmel's Dental clinic

Welcome to Himmel Dental Clinic: Leaders in Advanced Dental Care in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel

Discover Unparalleled Expertise and Innovation in Dental Medicine

    About us

    At Himmel Dental Clinic, we are proud to deliver top-notch, evidence-based dental care that combines decades of experience with the latest advancements in the field. Dr. Rafael Himmel, graduated from Heidelberg University (GER) is a certified prosthodontist from Tel Aviv University, and his son, Dr. Roy Himmel, who graduated from Tel Aviv University (ISR), lead our team with a commitment to excellence. Our clinic offers a comprehensive range of treatments to enhance your oral health.

    Dr. Rafael Himmel and Dr. Roy Himmel at Phoenix, Arizona research conference


    We are located at 14A, Leonardo De Vinci St., Tel Aviv, Israel

     3rd floor, room number 312. 

    tel. 03-605-8244 , 03-546-5045

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